MisMeasure of Man

Signs that I am in the (mid-) South

Absence of sidewalks in both residential and commercial districts.

Preponderance of BMW 325is.

Absence of gas stoves.

Very large lawns for even the smallest bungalows.

Loud tree frogs.

Several enormously large bug/slug/millipede creatures with exoskeletons enacting multi-stage suicide pact in living room.

Front porches referred to as “rocking chair porches.”

McDonalds offers unsweet and sweet tea for purchase.

Signs that I am in the New South

Two mobile tacquiria vie for local lunch business.

Use of bio-fuel advertised at all gas stations.

Trader Joe’s Coming Soon.

Good Vietnamese food now available for purchase.

Cable repairman asks “What do you do for fun?”


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