quick note from “the field” aka my office

It appears, from the ribboned ponytails, pleated skirts and CONSTANT NOISE, that it is time for Cheer Camp here at Vanderbilt.  If I were not so annoyed, and if I were not already losing hours (it seems) of work to this distraction, I might search out some links.  If I were to find them, these links would demonstrate a similarity between Cheer Camp and ROTC, both in terms of their role as profit-generating enterprises for universities, and as annoyances to research professors who just want to get their work done, unencumbered by teenage noises.  Oh, and perpetuating gendered norms of physicality.



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2 responses to “quick note from “the field” aka my office

  1. Careful here, JL, you’re a hop skip anna jump away from ‘you kids, get off my lawn!’

  2. Jenn Lena

    Oh, I don’t think I’d mind being that. It would be much worse be one of them.

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