Friday musical interlewd.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of this guy called Jay-Z?  He’s a rapper.  He’s from Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn.  He’s married to this singer called Beyonce.  Yes, that’s her real name.  Anyway, you might know his clothing line RocaWear, or that he used to “mentor” this other rapper called Biggie Smalls (aka Notorious B.I.G.), or that he wrote this song called “99 Problems (and the bitch ain’t one)” or a rap cover of the song from the musical Annie called “Hard Knock Life.”  Well, if you know some of that, I wonder if you also know how smart and funny Jay-Z is?  Check him out here (this is Part 1 of 2) on the British talk show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

Some bonus stuff:

Wired Mag/Listening Post’s Top 10 Hottest Music Sites on the Tubes.

Salon dot com’s review of Muhajababies, the book, and commentary on the trend in general.

Peaches and Tone Loc remix “Wild Thing”, and I’d encourage all my grown up readers to check it out.  Funny, funny.

Village Voicer discusses if there is rap music Beyond Lil’ Wayne.


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