questions after Paris?

Why did the Parisian mosquitoes only bite my elbows? I sought an answer, and only found this somewhat dire article, on the “mosquito menace” and Chikungunya Fever. Which does not tell me much, except that there is general agreement on their menacing nature.

when someone makes it clear that they do not speak English (perhaps by saying “Je ne parle pas Anglais” or perhaps “me no speak Engliis”), why do you repeat the English-language sentence, only screaming it this time? are all non-English speakers also deaf?

What is with all the applesauce? Every breakfast, I get applesauce. At CDG, the cafe has rows upon rows of applesauce and only two sandwiches. Are there even apple trees in France? Or applesauce plants?

Why are Subway restaurants so popular in France and Holland?  Are the sandwiches better there than in the U.S.?  More specifically, is the meat less processed and slick with preservatives?

Finally, the evergreen question: How many souffles is too many?


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