loose sends, video heavy edition

video footage of the moments before Biggie is shot

on the heels of having finally watched the finale for ego trip’s gender extravaganzza, here’s a good long history of the roxanne, roxanne bits and some of those 100s of answer records.

speaking of which: you ask me and i’ll tell you lil’ mama puts me to sleep when she mc’s that dance show DAWG. but when she freestyles, OUCH, watch out, ’cause she’s hot.

“i am a professor of dirt”: reverse graffiti

on a mellow groove: jose james: park bench people

i won’t post the vid for this one, but it is worth following the link…you’ll learn about Kazi560, which is Kenya’s biggest job service, and which provides matches between blue collar workers and jobs, using mobile phones. an ingenius solution to the problem of information asymmetries and geographic dispersion.

this is very cute: fashion predictions for the year 2000, made in 1930. “an electric belt will adapt the body to climactic changes.”

on april 9th (omg) Mischa sent me the link to this awesome DIY video of a Turkmen hip-hop track (in Russian) recorded in Yaroslavl/Russia.

i am also not sure that I shared this interview with contemporary Classical music composer Gabriella Lena Frank. thanks Jeffrey Edelstein.

were you at last night’s party, peter?  or this other party, at domestic fine arts in mexico?

you can use this gizmo to pick a spot on earth and get a 360 degree look at it. Limited to World Heritage Sites.


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