innovating new uses for ddr and guitar hero

Two big delights in one day: selling some books yielded a new book on Graffiti in Paris, and I found out about Urban Prankster.



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5 responses to “innovating new uses for ddr and guitar hero

  1. what, no commentary on R Kelly? Quel dommage!

  2. Jenn Lena

    Je pense que tu dit “quelle dommage”. Non?

    I know. I am so wrapped up in boxes and picking up computers from the Puck building and going out for Thai food to do anything about the effing R Kelly verdict.

    Also, I am a wee bit dispirited by the fact that no one commented (until lately) on the Genre post, but more disappointingly, on George’s funeral industry post. I am wondering if this (blog) is only noteworthy when it is silly. It has got me crying the crocodile tears. Quelle dommage, indeed.


    methinks dommage is masculine…isn’t Paris coming up?

  4. Sorry for the dispirits, I feel my portion of the weight of responsibility for that. I’ve met a few people who read my blog, but despite attempts to draw them out, rarely do I have more than 4-5 discussants, and I end up drawing more for silly stuff as well. Bethenny misspelled (from our discussion of that show) and blowjobs (from a remark about the displacement of open outcry by electronic trading) are consistently the higher search terms for my site. This is, IMHO, the downside of the attention to referrer stats and such, but it’s still depressing.

    Good travels, the risotto is surprisingly easy and tasty –

  5. Jenn Lena

    Paris is coming up. Thank goodness I’ll slur my words so that I won’t get caught mis-gendering things.

    I’m getting over my blog temper tantrum. The truth is, I’m glad for the good that it does, and unwilling to give that up.

    And the major search term over the last year has finally dropped off in percentage points, which is enough to celebrate, today.

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