i think sometime soon i’m just going to have to lay down the duckets and go to japan. otherwise, how can i expect to understand their desire to pay $200 for a melon, much less $6000. (h/t kottke)

jonathan might be interested to know his missing lighthouse is now in San Francisco. Tricky tricky, Mr. Coast Guard.

paul fusco’s photographs of the Americans watching the train taking the remains of RFK from New York to Washington for burial are beautiful. on the NYTimes website, he narrates a 4-minute presentation of some of the best, and it is beautiful, too.



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6 responses to “lost

  1. Jonathan Neufeld

    I noticed that story about the missing lighthouse. I’m not convinced it’s the same lighthouse, actually. I don’t doubt that it has some of the same material, but my lighthouse ontology is a bit stricter than CNN’s. I mean, come on. If you took the windows of my house and put them in somebody else’s house (a real possibility as I look to replace my 1930s windows with modern ones), will my house be somewhere else? Windows aren’t essential to the house, you say? What is essential, I wonder.

    OK, I actually don’t wonder that much. But I am thinking about ontology these days.

  2. Jenn Lena

    I don’t see any reason that your windows couldn’t be essential to your houseness. But I think maybe footprint = house. Or maybe address + footprint = house.

  3. Clearly this is the lighthouse that guided the ship of Theseus.

  4. Jenn Lena

    and look at me confusing your house with your home. sheesh.

  5. Jonathan Neufeld

    It seems to me that windows are clearly not sufficient either to constitute or change the identity of the house–it will still be the same house with different windows once I take them out. Do you really think they are essential? I wouldn’t think address, though I can see why you’d want to make it essential. If you took my house apart and reconstructed it in Texas, it would be the same house in Texas. Of course it would be cleaner to deny this (the lighthouse wouldn’t be the lighthouse, the London Bridge in AZ wouldn’t be the London Bridge), but cleanliness is not always a virtue.

    Maybe it is the lighthouse that guided the ship of Theseus! Or the 87 SAAB 900 of my friend Lee whose only original part was (after almost 700K miles and until it was recently replaced), the door of the glove-box.

  6. Jonathan Neufeld

    yeah–I’d never attempt an ontology of homes.

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