white, and black and white cookie.

i really have to ask–plead really–that you head on over to two posts today and so something about them:

the first is the announcement by the org theory guys that Harrison’s notes have finally been published (by Marco!). as a member of the not-so-famous Next Generation of students, reading these should give you insight into my tics. that, in combination with peter’s thoughts in the current newsletter of the comparative/historical section, explains both (my) sense of humor and my fear that I will die without saying anything of consequence.*, **

the second is Peter’s post about lunch.

* I guess the newsletter is not yet online? And I can’t find it in my email. Anyone? It seems like it should (soon?) appear at this address.

** I added the parenthetical “(my)” after Kieran’s observation that it had been omitted, in tribute to HCW.  I don’t want you johnny-come-latelys to get confusered.


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3 responses to “white, and black and white cookie.

  1. explains both sense of humor and

    A classic chip off the old block there — HCW’s rule is to always drop possessives and prepositions when you can 🙂

    Rummaging around, I see I’ve got a different version of Schwartz’s notes from Spring ’66, and a memo about coupling/decoupling. But not this catnet discussion.

  2. Jenn Lena

    I also–in Nashville somewheres–have a memo or maybe a draft of a conference paper from the early 70s about frame switching. Why do I have this? I think for every sock I’ve lost in the wash, I’ve ended up with a page of somebody’s ideas.

  3. If you’re like me, that’d be a lot of ideas.

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