Charles Moskos

Using the rule of transitivity, I mourn the loss of Charles Moskos.  I never met him, but my good friend has many wonderful things to say about him, and as Northwestern’s statement makes clear, she is not in the minority.


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  1. Peter

    I knew Charlie Moskos as many NU graduate students did: as a casual benefactor who graded for his intro class and as a department member who crossed his path occasionally. He was never a big part of my intellectual life there.

    He was old-school in ways that the now-me finds somewhat cringe-worthy, but in ways that the undergraduate-me found quite compelling. His frankness about assessing people based on their ethnicity, class, gender, and background, which was always good-hearted, is a reminder about how much sociology has to say about the way the world works if we just get over ourselves and show some humor and certainty from time to time. The DA/DT policy, which remains IMHO a reprehensible and non-erasable stain, is kind of how Charlie was – never letting the perfect be the enemy of what he perceived to be the good.

    Easy with a smile and a kind word, fun to be around, smart, connected, practical, with pools of money to dispense with largess to graduate students. I didn’t realize he was sick, or that he passed away. I’m sorry he’s gone.

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