le lala

aesthletics: whiffle hurling. “Whiffle Hurling was invented in July 2005 by a Tom Russotti, an MFA grad student at Rutgers University — and the sole practitioner of what he calls “aesthletics.” So far, only 10 games of Whiffle Hurling have ever been played. I can personally attest that it’s insanely fun and offers up a genuinely new blend of activity: The crazy intensity of Irish hurling mixed with the low-stress, low-injury appeal of Whiffle ball. It manages to be simultaneously casual and intense, which is perfect for nerds like me.”

it reminds me to tell you how insane the competition for top scores in Donkey Kong can be (in the King of Kong). and makes me wonder if we shouldn’t focus more attention on vanishing america. or reading rock crit ish from Carrie Brownstein, formerly axer for Sleater-Kinney. check out her list of prom themes from this year…(grat HermCirc)


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