round out, 61st st.

dogs in Moscow are sociologists.  i love this: “They can also be seen occasionally waiting for a green light. (Dogs are colorblind, so researchers theorize they recognize the shape or position of the walking-man signal.)”

these crazy berries create miraculin, a protein which binds to your tastebuds and makes acids taste sweet/er.  flavor tripping, indeed.  so can i break my sweet tooth now?

five seconds of hip-hop:

busta buss was once a young man, in a young band, and was underestimated.

john brown, however, is overestimated.  keg party? this dude should have thanked his lucky stars to even get on that white rapper show, and raised his effing game.  instead, same old crap, different day.

bobby digital’s still around, dropping a new album which sounds (and looks) killer.

your mama’s got a glass eye, with a fish init.

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