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hey new yorkers! did you know, there’s a new reason to go to Red Hook? more than the soccer field taco vendors, there’s soon to be an Ikea. (oooooooooooh) i suspect i don’t write about food as much as i think of food. i can’t remember if my last food-related posts were connected to restaurant week, or if i tipped you off to this article on kitchen design, featuring some of the Chefs.


do you like the “that’s what she said” jokes on The Office? also, are you fully aware that you can watch all the season’s episodes of Lost online? there are some other shows also, but who cares.


there’s an unofficial guide to this year’s Eurovision contest, which you might want to peruse. i really suggest you play Finland 1976. but i’m more or less allergic to ‘best of’ lists, but you might want to know the “100 essential jazz albums“; reasonable, since this is the primary format of important recorded works in the genre. wait. it isn’t a genre, its a stream. you’ll see…. i have added stephen fry’s podgrams to my list of “gym reading” and i think you’ll like them too. he’s still working out kinks, but i learn a new word, each time. the NYC CityParks Concert schedule has been announced, so you might make plans now to hit them all. some of these are historic. willie colon! krs-one! the chi-lites! why don’t you listen to a new muxtape while you read?


i wonder if there’s anything that would work for me–something I can be pictured in front of, now and again in the future–you know, as a way of measuring. measuring my slide into ugly social irrelevance. but these guys and gals still look good. maybe its the photoshopping. or maybe just people on tv look old because i have hd on lcd. and while we’re discussing photography, you might look at these time lapse photographs from leningrad. i’ve never been…my travel to russia were confined to moscow and cheboksary…but these seem right, you know, correct in their display of the national character. except there are no angry romany. but you might find angry romany, or their national character, here at home of the vain. but if you’re looking for a specific image, which i guess that is, but…you know, like of the columbus circle circle, here’s a guide to finding images on the internet, including those in the commons. here’s a funny challenge: photo experts “show” you what happened outside the edge of famous LP covers.

travel and tourism

finally, a guide, non-guide to new york city that emphasizes situational awareness. i love you, big picture. also, you might wonder why new yorkers are so rude. i think the real question is, why are you so sensitive, buttercup? i used this packing method to head south this weekend and was amazed. and i am one good packer to begin with. highly recommended.

drugs, prostitution, rape and murder?

calling sudhir! here’s a list of the world’s most dangerous gangs. i wonder how to parse the difference between “international crime syndicate” and “big, rich gang.” some day I’ll have to tell you about this woman at Vanderbilt who does research on narco-trafficing music.

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