a murder of links?

a number of folks (ok, at least one) seem to be using this moment to clean out the ol’ in-box and presenting a “linx updays”. My version will be short/er (I was only gone a week) but, hopefully, stranger than most.

let’s open strong, with 21 “Best Mugshots.” Note that not a single celebrity is included, that I do not find the “huffing” photo funny, and that “High Head” is obviously a body double for one of those MTV animated cartoon dudes.

Here’s a list of vids recently removed from ewetube for copyright violation claims. Note: this is Data.

I can’t imagine anyone I know would need this, but maybe someone out there is looking for things to do when they’re bored.

Finally, Jay Smooth on that book everyone’s not talking about on The Gay Rapper. Everytime I see Jay…live or recorded…I remember how much I might want to marry him.


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