and i love you, too.

some days i wish i had a blog feature called daily invective, in which a friend, colleague or stranger takes my measure.

if i had this blog feature, today’s inclusion would be the following:

“i have noticed that your writing is defensive and arrogant, and very self-congratulatory.”

a second “blog wish list” is to include the crazy email of the day, which only rarely would overlap with the daily invective.



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2 responses to “and i love you, too.

  1. Not just self-congratulatory, but very self-congratulatory.

    That would be a fun feature. I don’t get quite one a day, but I’ve been getting a handful per week for a couple years now.

  2. Jenn Lena

    Maybe it would be fun to collect them from a group of folks…hmmm…

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