this just in

late in the day, but never too late for updays.

the venerable wsj reports on a watch you can no longer buy that does not tell time, in the strictest sense. it does not even, although it claims to, distinguish night from day, unless you live on the equator. which not many rich people–that is, people with enough money to waste on a $300,000 watch that doesn’t tell time–do.

also, as you saw a few posts ago, I recently saw my first “Banksy.” Now it will be possible to see much more “Street Art” at the Tate Modern. i don’t have the energy to go into it right now, but do we really have to deal with the art-not art thing again?

and why not emboss (??) your own street art with your own font, from fontstruct?


overheard on the M4 bus:

oldman 1: what do you do?

oldman 2: oh, everything…music, real estate…I’m in to everything.

oldman 1: what kind of music? what do you do with music?

oldman 2: i sing.

oldman 1: what kind of music?

oldman 2: do you know Steely Dan?

oldman 1 nods and grunts ascent

oldman 2 points at his chest and grins

oldman 1: you’re Steely Dan?


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