“Ivy League Prof Sues Students for Being Mean to Her.” Read the comments, too.

Also, whiles we’re at it: “Tight Baggy Jeans Achieve Holy Grail of Pants.”



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  1. re: jeans – gazoinks!

  2. jlena

    Women and gay men should band together as never before to stop this tight-baggy jeans nightmare before it starts.

  3. Come on, they’re hilarious!

  4. I almost want to spend the $110 to get a pair before they have second thoughts about selling them. They appear to be the best seller in denim, along with the prison uniform coveralls.

  5. eek

    where can I buy this? :O,it´s very nice

  6. For some reason this page was in my blog stats, so here I am a year later.

    I see your tight baggy jeans and raise you some bikini jeans [via soc images].

  7. kevin

    where can i buy those

  8. shit, it is a real shit!

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