trans. = target

Case No. 1: Reflexivity is defined as a practice “designed to knit together contradictions into coherent narratives” (144), and un-reflexivity is when “the practice of reflexivity appears to be only partial and selective” (142), so reflexive anti-reflexivity is “defined as anti-reflexivity practiced by members who are capable of producing reflexive practice within the reflexive space of the scene” (145).  In case that was not clear enough, consider the following summary: “The problem is that just as anti-reflexive practice, produced by otherwise reflexive individuals can be characterized as reflexively anti-reflexive, so Balzamon’s apparently reflexive attempts to defend himself from racist abuse can, within the reflexively anti-reflexive space of the scene, be characterized as unreflexive” (152).

Case No. 2: These included the Eastern Song and Dance Troupe, the Gu Jianfen Training Center for the Singing Stars of the Central Song and Dance Troupe, the China Light Music Troupe and the Fulin Singers Class (32).

Case No. 3: Let the World be Filled with Love, First Annual Awards-Granting Concert of the Billboard of Chinese Popular Songs, Brilliant 1994 Popular Song Concert (organized by the Han and Tang Culture Company and the Shopping Guide for Top-Quality Products), and the Ten-Year Retrospect on China’s Pop Scene.

Case No. 4: “Fouad took a picture of me in my battle rattle – Fouad is a team member and new friend. I know this is the one you’ve been waiting for (minus gun which I am GOING to get as no less than 7 people have asked if I am a “terp” (interpreter) which is, to be, you know – a target. Our interpreters are heroes – it’s so sad to get out of the vehicles and see them with their helmets, sunglasses, uniforms, and faces covered by masks from neck to above their noses. . . it just makes you love them from pity).”


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