a murder of wisdom?

Turkmen rap. A.P.O. Translation or socio-historical contextualization welcome. Also, copyright holders take notice! (especially Eminem) The Turkmen (the Best) are biting your livelihood.

New favorite collective noun (ht peter): a fixie of hipsters.

Kelefa writes a feature, not on music but still on blackness. Nicheing?

It takes a dime to make a nickel, and HBwOws’ John Adams series took on the Treasury Department last night (at least at my house, Episode 5 was made-to-order), which, arguably, made it possible for the United States to survive the French Revolution without becoming a monarchy, or something.


Jay Chou. You know…THE Jay Chou. President Chou, to you. How come this super duper famous dude is like impossible to get on eyetoons? He’s released an album/year since 2000, and eyetoons only has Common Jasmine Orange from 2004? I feel like I’m totally caught up on the old zeitgeist. For what it’s worth, “Jaing Jun” is very In Da Club, to me and “Wo De Di Pan” has some serious “SexyBack” plus “What Goes Around”, fuh shuh. Before I go on, I’d like to get paid. Anyway, if anyone has some Chou, if you have Chou, can you send it over to me to borrow?

Double update, and back on the Turkmenistan topic:

As President-for-Life of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov issued many controversial and unusual decrees:

  • In April 2001, ballet and opera were banned after Niyazov felt they were “unnecessary … not a part of Turkmen culture”.[18]
  • In 2004, the state forbade young men from growing long hair or beards.[18]
  • In April 2004 the youth of Turkmenistan were encouraged to chew on bones to preserve their teeth rather than be fitted with gold tooth caps or gold teeth.[20]
  • In 2004 all licensed drivers were required to pass a morality test.[23]
  • In 2004 it was prohibited for news readers to wear make-up[24]
  • In February 2005 all hospitals outside Aşgabat were ordered shut, with the reasoning that the sick should come to the capital for treatment. All rural libraries were ordered closed as well, citing ordinary Turkmen do not read books.[25]
  • In November 2005 physicians were ordered to swear an oath to the President, replacing the Hippocratic Oath.[26]
  • The Turkmen words for bread and the month of April were changed to the name of his late mother, Gurbansoltanedzhe. [32]
  • Car radios, lip-synching, and recorded music are all prohibited.[33]
  • Dogs are restricted from the capital city due to unappealing odour.[34]

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