are they seuss shoes?

finnish band called The Leningrad Cowboys


Red Army Choir (or what’s left of it)


“Sweet Home Alabama”


h/t pauld via petep



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5 responses to “are they seuss shoes?

  1. Leningrad Cowboys rock! You should check out the movie “Leningrad Cowboys Go America”….it’s this perfect piece of low-key absurdism that is Finnish Humor (and it’s in sort-of English, even, hehe).

    I don’t think they’re seuss shoes — my impression is that they’re really exaggerated 50’s style pointy allegator-shoes. To go along with the exaggerated Elvis hair.

  2. jlena

    hold on: Finnish humor?

  3. Indeed. Finnish humor. Often absurd, almost always a bit melancholy. I swear to you, it exists. Hey there’s even a book about <a href=”″it.

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