Mostly fall 2007

1. Marx myths.
2. Benny’s career.
3. Mapping conversations.
4. Time Magazine’s Top 100 Records.
5. A few links to pop music history sites. There’s this one. And this one. And this one. And this one. And Avi gets the credit for the archiving of them.
6. And here’s something delicious, from Jon.
7. And then Mark sent me this.
8. And New York Mag did this story on college applicants.
9. And then Mark told me that Tony Giddens is very upset with all of us.
10. The folks over at Radical Books decided to put together a list of non-Western fiction, & here’s what a saved from that exchange:

Gabriel Garcia Marquez – 100 years of solitude, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, etc.
Isabel Allende – House of Spirits
Juan Rulfo – Pedro Paramo (very political, and poignant though written in 50s), short fiction
Jorge Luis Borges – Collected short fiction
Julio Cortazar – Hopscotch, End of the Game
Gabriela Mistral – (poetry)
the hour of the star by clarice lispector
Haruki Murakami: “A Wild Sheep Chase” and the sequel “Dance Dance Dance.”
Banana Yoshimoto: “Kitchen”

11. And here‘s Irek’s article about our beloved George Graham.
12. Then Ezster wrote about sending effective emails.
13. Alex sent me this link to the Ali Rap program.
14. Slate’s review of “Sudhir.”
15. Recomendations of “good leftie blogs:”

16. A new hip-hop song about the Susan Bell murder.
17. A call for public review of tenure cases.
18. The SSHA CFP is out.
19. A disgusting idea: eating blackness.
20. The Babs interview with Jay-Z.
21. Where the Social Science jobs are.
22. Happy Channukah?

My beloved uncle Benny died on Saturday. I don’t have a good link to the NYT obit. Perhaps many of you can use institutional subscriptions to find it:

Benny Andrews, 75, Dies; Painted Life in the South

Published: November 12, 2006

Donations in his name can be made to the following:
The MacDowell Colony
100 High Street
Peterborough, New Hampshire 03458
Studio In the School
410 West 59th Street
New York, New York 10019

Here‘s a little bit on the McCready hit-anticipating music analysis…George–here’s your “demand uncertainty.”
Finally, acquaintance Dan and Former National Air Guitar Champion has got his book out.
There was an article in the Times on the “National Anthem of Hip Hop.”

The Times says: “…the album that launched a thousand samples, is being reissued” and goes on to laud the album’s massive contributions to hip-hop: “Bongo Rock” is significant, however, for being one of the musical cornerstones of rap. While it’s hard to measure these things accurately, it is certainly one of the most sampled LP’s in history, if not the most sampled. Most every history-minded hip-hop D.J. has a copy, and the first few bars of its signature number, a driving cover version of the 60’s instrumental number “Apache,” can send crowds into overdrive.”

My colleague, friend and student Mark then looks at the sampling data and tells me the following:
“Apache” (since it’s the only song that makes it into your dataset):

-in terms of degree (ranked 230/822, betw= 0.0292326)
-in terms of betweenness (ranked 177 out of 822 “source” samples, betw= 0.0011427)

Mark writes:
“From my estimation, it’s far from “the most sampled LPs in history”, at least from what your dataset says. To the degree that you can generalize the comprehensiveness of your data in some manner, your dataset challenges some implications of the article; it problematizes the relationship of what we collectively (or an author selectively) recalls as being noteworthy in the pantheon of music history. Yes, it may be what’s in the discourse among music critics and DJs as “most popular’, but how many people put their money where their mouth is and use it in their songs? Not so many.”
I love this Joe Gross piece on compression and its effect on contemporary music (and reissues!).

Ever seen the earth breathe? People be born and die? Warning: semi-geeky sociological data stuff.

I am often interested in the viral video du jour. Here’s a ranking. If you’re lucky, the numa numa cat will still be up there.

Speaking of viral, here‘s the “hip hop news story” of the day/month/century. Personally, the most insightful revelation was that 12% of opera lovers are shrooming.

In more idiotic ‘research on youth media’ news, here’s the shocking revelation that kids post “suggestive photographs” on myspace. I love her “narc” look.

Artists do breaching experiments too! Here’s a thing on Banksy’s inclusion of a life-size replica of a Guantanamo Bay detainee in Disneyland. He also did a great little subversion of Paris Hilton’s recent CD. If he’s not your thing, what about Lonelygirl15? And if not that, how about Dylan? That’s BOB Dylan. The plagiarist? All this is relevant to my “authenticity thing,” which has not yielded fruit. But it might, if I managed to read more than just the introduction to The Recognitions. And if I stopped blogging and started working.


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