May 2007

Quick notes, merited by the OMG quality of the content, and Wynnie’s introduction of them as blog content:

1. I’m enamored of the unfortunately named (mis-named, in my mind) Visual Sociology. Here’s a nice idea of what VS might aspire to: no commentary, not simple, clear intent: What the World Eats.

2. Omar Lizardo, a sociologist whose work I like very much, posts here, on some orgs site, an entry quippily called eppure si muove. Apparently, on the new General Social Survey (GSS), a nationally representative survey of American adults, there are some science knowledge questions. These include two which concern the relationship of the sun and earth, in movement and time. Sadly, more than a fifth of the Americans surveyed are unaware of the fact that the earth moves around the earth. Jeremy Freese (another nice sociologist) crunches the numbers and here on his blog reports the relationship of sex, race, and political affiliation to giving the incorrect answer.

1. Metallica and Philosophy in a book.

2. The Communist Manifesto, as told by cartoons.
3. Because I have interesting students, I’ve gotten interested in the Society for Creative Anachronism. See a documentary trailer here.

4. My cousins, very far removed, are hiking the AT and documenting it on a blog.

5. If you’re a cultural sociologist (or interested in them) you might join us in August at the Mini-Conference.

6. Elton and Betty got Jason and I thinking about Fringe Music.

7. A table of condiments that will expire.

8. Watts on Eurovision, or, What Popular Culture Can Tell Us about Global Politics.

9. The video of my Nashville Library Talk, or, Free Lunches and What You Suffer Through to Get Them.

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